Service Charges

Cemetery Fee Schedule

Grave & Crypt Openings
Weekdays $575
Saturdays $575
Sundays $635
Holidays $635
Infant $185

Cremated Remains Grave Openings
Weekdays $305
Saturdays $335
Sundays $350
Holidays $350
No Service $265

( Grave openings include the NYS mandated $35 Permanent Maintenance Fund requirement and the $5 Vandalism Fee )

Minimium $175
Per Square Foot $75
Corner Post $75

Tent Rental
Fee $75

Section: A, B, C, and Range $500
Section: D, E, and V $600
Infant Plot $75

If you need to confirm during non-operating hours, call: Charles St. Andrews (518) 470-0502

Crematory Service Fee Schedule

(New York State Vandalism and Assessment Fee Included)

EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 1, 2009 – Approved by the New York State Division of Cemeteries

Adult Cremation * $300
Child Cremation (1 year to 12 years) $155
Infant Cremation (up to 1 year) $75

*Adult cremations include temporary urn and shipping Registered Mail with Return Receipt via the United States Postal Service.

Before a cremation can take place the following conditions must be met:

  1. A completed Burial-Transit Permit from the Department of Health must accompany the decedent to the crematorium
  2. A completed Cremation Authorization and Disposition form must also accompany the decedent to the crematorium
  3. The human remains must be contained in an acceptable alternative container and be identified with the name of the decedent and the name of the funeral home
  4. Payment for cremation service

( To arrange for cremation service please call (518) 346-3217, or Cell: (518) 470-0502 after office hours )